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Properly Communicating With Your Dog

Body language is the primary way that canines communicate. We can learn their body language to help us understand them, and we can use our body language to help them understand us. To use body language effectively we need to be very intentional with the things we do. We have habitual body language. We have to be aware of those habits and change them to communicate more clearly with dogs. This video is to start a conversation about changing those habits. Check out the video. If you have any questions about your body language with your dog please ask in the comments. If you have a body language problem you want to fix maybe I can help you with practical practices to solve them. Thank you, Keep practicing, and Enjoy Your Dog!!!

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Structured Walks with Heather

Above is the first video in Heather’s series on The Foundations of Good Behavior. In this video Heather talks about the Structured Walk, which is how most of the walks with your dog should be, because structured walks help you Enjoy Your Dog!!! *We apologize in advance for the unsteady video* 

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Playing Tug-A-War With Your Dog

This video blog is about playing tug-a-war with your dog. We discuss the advantages of tug-a-war with your dog. How to teach drop it. Quick shot of leave it. Meaning leave it alone. How many dogs do you see in the video?


Boston Dog Training Puppy Socialization

This is an adorable music video showing our Puppy Socialization class having a little puppy play time. We have this class weekly on Saturdays at noon and it is held at Boston Red Dog for puppies ages 8 – 20 weeks. This socialization time for all these puppies is crucial for their development, as they learn to be around other dogs and they learn the proper way to play and have a good time.

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More Fun, Games & Dogs

We have made a lot of group picture and video posts lately. This is because we are very proud of our group classes. These guys practice a little every day and their dogs listen well. They come to group class and their dogs become more social. Dogs that practice obedience on a regular basis are not the dogs making bad choices and getting into trouble.

This is a little fun game that we play sometimes in our advanced group class. You see some dogs on leash and others off the leash. All paying close attention to their senior pack mates. Some of these dogs are shy, some have bitten people and/or dogs in the past. Now they are friendly and self controlled at their best, and indifferent at their worse around new dogs. Most of them are AKC & CGC. With some work we can make changes in our dogs behavior.

P.S. No More Michael Jackson in musical chairs. To hard not to dance with this guys music playing.

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