Designed to establish and enhance effective dog/owner communication, your dog will stay at your dog trainer’s home for 4 full days of training. We will teach your dog how to walk loosely on a leash, sit, to do the place command. We will focus on distractions and calmness around other dogs.

This program includes one private follow-up lesson to focus on teaching you the proper leash handling techniques and the correct use of each command. The emphasis of this lesson will be on achieving manners and general good behavior from your dog in all situations. Your included private follow-up lesson must take place on the final day of training before your dog is returned to you. Upon completion you will be able to purchase more sessions to continue your study of Canine Communication and Behavior. Continued training is highly recommended; we’ll focus on exercises with a heavy emphasis on real world distractions and situations with other dogs and people. With continued training you will gain fluency and ease in the language that your dog has learned.

4 days of training and boarding at trainer’s home, and 1 private session on pick-up day. Your dog will learn basic manners.

Price $860

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