The Argos Way

Boston Dog TrainingIn September of 2002, Nil Berkman started her own pet care service. At the time, Nil was an au pair. It was suggested that she should help out by walking her employing family’s dog, and so she did.

Soon after, other people started asking Nil to walk their dogs. Even during those very early stages, she was focused on quality of service and how her actions affected the communities around her. Her service grew by word of mouth, from family to family. Nil never put out a single flier or placed any advertisements. She never needed to use binding contracts of any kind. Her joy in her work, her awareness of her community’s needs, and her service all spoke for her. So it went until 2008, when Nil was joined in business by her husband, Martin Wright.

Boston Dog TrainerTogether, they created Argos Pet Care Specialists. From the beginning, Martin had been accompanying Nil as a guest walker. He took well to walking dogs and soon discovered an endless curiosity about dog behavior. As they continued studying the ways of the dog,  Argos Dog Training, Inc. was created.

Nil and Martin have become pretty busy in the dog community. Thanks to our community of dog owners, Argos continues to grow.

Moral: It’s good to be helpful.