The Argos Club

Our membership program is designed to be a free-form experience, continually addressing your changing needs. Once you purchase a membership you will be able to direct your training into the areas you are most interested in.

This program covers behavior modification with a strong focus on relationship building and less on ‘obedience training’. Using games, tricks, relationship exercises, and obedience trials we’ll achieve the best behavior and strongest family bond between you and your dog. Offering exceptional time with your trainer, this is an excellent program for all dogs to go at their own pace, and particularly for anxious dogs who need more patience.

Feature: The Argos Club offers 4 months, 6 months, and 1-year options with flexible training goals. Each of these programs offers enough time to complete both on-leash and off-leash obedience and behaviors. As your situation changes and unwanted behaviors become less prevalent, you have the flexibility for your training to automatically change to address your new goals. You get to choose one of, and change between, these three options:

  • One private lesson a week as needed;
  • One group class and one day of structured daycare a week;
  • Two days of Argos Structured Daycare (ASD) per week.

Extras Include: Unlimited Sunday pack walks; detailed personal notes after each private session; all training tools; unlimited email/phone support; access to Argos videos of  our exercises and games.; 10% discount on additional days at ASD


One Year Price $5000 paid in full or:

Deposit $2,000 then $280 per month X 11 months

Six Month Price $3,000 paid in full or:

Deposit $1,500; $310 a month X 5 months

Four Month Price $2200 paid in full or:

Deposit $1,200; $350 per month X 3 months