Habit Breaker, Habit Maker Program

It takes approximately 30 days for a dog to form a habit. So, this program is 30 days long. The goal of this program is to train your dog to do the right thing habitually. Your dog will spend at least 30 days in a row living with your dog trainer. Your dog will receive two 45-minute walks each day. One hour of one on one personal play time each day and one hour of training Monday through Friday. Your dog will also attend the Argos Dog Training Structured Daycare.  Your dog will be the only board and train dog that your trainer will have for those 30 habit-forming days. Most dogs will be earning house-roaming privileges as the training proceeds. Most dog will also have socialization time with other dogs.  Your dog will learn loose leash walking, heel with auto sit, Sit on command, down on command, Come on command, Stay and Place Command, and will be able to perform these commands on and off leash with most dogs.

Features: Training Equipment, ten private sessions, unlimited group classes (Held Saturdays 10:30am-11:30 am) for a year, Structured Daycare 3 Days a week or the 30 days of the program 5 Safety Commands and much more.

Extras Included: All Training tools and equipment, Direct access to Argos Dog Trainers, Sunday pack walks for the life of your dog, emailed training notes and logs, Membership in Argos Dog Training Facebook Group, access to our private online group with videos of each exercise and command as well as tips, blogs and more.

Price $5,000
$167 per day
$500 – Deposit when we schedule the Board and Train Program
$2,700 – Drop Off
$1800 – Pick Up
$300 for 6 Group Classes Not included but strongly recommended

Payment Plan Available