Argos Quality

All that we do to help dogs is made possible by our clients. We are dedicated to provide the highest quality dog training and behavior modification. Many of our clients have had multiple dog trainers and were removed from training classes due to their dog’s unwanted behavior. We have never removed a client from classes due to their dog’s unwanted behavior.

Argos Dog Training takes difficult cases and helps our clients through difficult situations with their pets. We have a long history of solving difficult cases by improving the relationship between dogs and their owners.

Argos Dog Training continually invests in our education. We seek out and find the most experienced and innovative trainers and methods in the industry. We have learned and continue to learn various techniques to help all of our clients.  

Argos Dog Training finds and uses the best tools. The prices on the options below include all training tools. We select tools based on quality. Through our connections in the dog training industry we are able to get them at wholesale prices and to deliver them to you right when you need them.

Argos has 2 training rooms in the heart of Boston and will soon have a third training room in Saugus, MA. Argos Dog Training is a small local company that hires full time professional dog trainers.

Argos Dog Training pays close attention to details. Argos Dog Training also invests in learning about how to teach people. Whether you learn from Watching, Listening or Kinetically, we will teach in a way that best suits you. We encourage questions and communication with our clients. We provide video support and produce a lot of material on social media to help our clients learn as much as possible about dogs, dog training, and the latest research about dog behavior. Please look at the link below to see some of the Quality that we provide.

Argos Quality

Finally, you will receive the highest quality dog training and behavior modification services in Boston. We present to you as much information about dogs and canine communications that we can in the time that we have together.

Argos Dog Training is 100% guaranteed for the life of your dog! If you train your dog for 10 to 20 minutes a day, the way that you are shown during our private sessions and group classes, we guarantee your dog’s behavior will change.

Now, let’s talk about prices: