Our Argos Structured Daycare  (ASD) is a great way to safely socialize your dog. We call it structured because it is conducted in an organized manner; there are schedules and rules. Dogs spend a lot of time in daycare; this daycare asks your dog to practice good manners throughout that time. Dogs 5 months and older can attend.

We know rehearsing good manners and being rewarded for it results in better manners at all times.  

In our daycare dogs do not pass waste on the daycare floor; they are not allowed to jump up on staff, or disrupt sleeping or resting dogs. The dogs are always able to stop play when they want, and are not allowed to chase each other. Time to time they are asked to stay on place mats or play crate games, and they will be taught to pass through doorways calmly. We practice their impulse control and ‘place’ commands around distractions. These rules are intended to keep your dog safe and injury free during their time with us.

We aim to have at least one dog handler per 10 dogs on the floor at all times, so your dog can socialize with play supervised by highly trained staff.

Come join us!

STARTER PACK: This is intended for dogs 5 months and older who enter daycare with no previous formal training. We require all new dogs to come to daycare 2 times per week for the first 4 weeks of Structured Daycare. During this time we teach your dog the rules of the daycare room and build our relationship with your dog. After you complete this program you will be able to drop your dog off at daycare whenever you like.


Price: $400

Extras Include: Access to Argos trainers for advice, daily videos of your dog’s activities in daycare.

DAY to DAY: Intended for current Argos clients and those who have completed the Starter Pack. $50 per day, up to 5 days a week.

DETAILS: Drop off Monday–Friday 7-9am, Pick up 5-7pm; alternate times available on request. All ASD includes daily video of your dog’s activities

NOTE: Argos Dog Training is proud to be a paperless company!

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