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Summer Dog Training Sale

Take advantage of our limited time summer dog training sale!

30% off for any client that can attend lessons at our facility Tuesday – Friday, 11am-1pm.

There are only 8 openings a week for this summer sale
The offer ends when the banner is removed
IF you are interested in this excellent opportunity for your dog please fill in the contact form below and put in the note section #Summertime

The Summer sale does not include the discount on Consultation


April 30th – May 6th Schedule

Hello Everyone,

We hope that you are well and that you had a great weekend. This is the schedule for this week.

Advanced Group Class – Tuesday 7pm.
Basic Group Class – Saturday at 10:30am
Pack Walk – Canceled this Sunday.
Structured Daycare Tuesday – Friday 7am-9am drop off 5pm-7pm pickup.

Please let us know if you have any questions, and if you are planning to attend. Remember to check Facebook for any changes to the schedule.

Thank you, have a great week and Enjoy Your Dog!!!


Dog training teaches me to control my emotions.

If a dog misbehaves,
I do not have to get angry,
I can be calm and act rationally.

If a dog threatens me,
I do not have to be afraid,
I can be prepared.

If a dog is cute,
I don’t have to let it melt me into a love puddle and spoil them,
I can still be steady and hold them responsible for what I have taught them.

If a dog is dense,
I do not have to get frustrated,
I can go slow and be patient.

I take this practice and apply it to all forms of life.
(To the best of my limited abilities.)

Happy New Year!!!

Martin Wright

From: The Unwritten Book of Mostly Useless Ideas Pertaining to Dogs and Dog behavior.


The Leash Is A Safety Net

The leash is a safety net. It is not a tool to make things happen. The ultimate goal is not to NEED the leash.

So, notice everything that you do with your leash.
Don’t pull your dog around with your leash.
Get your dog’s attention and convince her to do what you would like her to do without using your leash man handle her, or to force her. Use your leash as little as possible.

The leash is a tool, the word leash here can be substituted for any tool. (treats, head halter, etc.)

Be aware. Be curious. Be manipulative. Be convincing. Be grateful. Be strong. Be smart. Be in-charge.

I am not saying take your dog-in-training off the leash. I am saying keep the leash on but use it less and less to get your way, because the less that you do the more your dog has to do.

Martin Wright
From: The Unwritten Book of Mostly Useless Ideas Pertaining to Dogs and Dog Behavior.


Argos Quality

Argos Clients working with their dogs. Our value is found in our ability to pass on our knowledge about dog behavior to our clients, and to teach our client how to communicate effectively with their dogs. By doing those things our clients solve all their problems and meet all their goals.

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