Balancing Your Dog Video Program

This program is great in addition to training and as a stand-alone. It is about the arts of living with a dog and benevolent leadership. These videos are about building your pack awareness. In these videos we discuss the how to get good behavior without having to give commands. These videos are intended to illuminate the Art of Living with a dog and improving your relationship. .

  1. The Mindset of a Dog Trainer, focused on mental approach to dog ownership.
  2. Things We Know About Dogs and Creating Structure in the Family Dog Relationship.
  3. Energy Management, thing that we can do to affect the energy that your dog displays.
  4. Managing Problems Behaviors. These videos will explain how to solve common dog behavior problems like counter surfing and jumping up.

Features: You will receive access to Argos videos about the topics listed above.

Extras Included: Email/phone support, Weekly call and check-in for four weeks, access to our private online group with videos of dog training exercises, tips, and blogs.

Price $300

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