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Dog Training Services at Red Dog Pet Resort & Spa

At Argos Dog Training, Inc. we are always seeking partnerships with quality-focused dog professionals. We’re pleased to announce our joint venture with Red Dog Pet Resort & Spa.

Red Dog is a state-of-the-art pet boarding facility. Serving Boston and the surrounding areas, Red Dog provides luxury boarding options, pet daycare, an aquatic center, grooming and spa services, chiropractic care, veterinary services, and more.

Argos Dog Training, Inc. has joined the Red Dog team as their on-site dog trainer. Learn more about the Argos Training services available at Red Dog.

Phone Evaluation

Give Argos a call for a free phone evaluation. This is when we will get a chance to talk about your dog and to get an idea of your situation, discuss the best time  to meet, and possibly offer you some ideas about how to manage any problem behavior before we start to address those issues in training. This phone call should take no more than 20 minutes.


The In-Person Consultation is our chance to meet and discuss the situation in greater detail. During this consultation we will talk about your dog’s current overall behavior, your dog’s daily schedule, any medical issues, problem behaviors, and goals that you have for your dog. We will be able to discuss possible reasons for the problem behaviors that your dog displays. We may be able to talk about temporary management techniques before we implement permanent training solutions for problem behaviors in our training program. We will talk in detail about the method, approaches, and techniques of training that Argos Dog Training, Inc. has developed over the years. Most importantly you will be able to meet the trainer’s dog and see the training in action. The consultation takes about 1 hour and the price of the consultation will be subtracted from the cost of any training program that you select.

In-Person Consultation – $100/$150