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We have made a lot of group picture and video posts lately. This is because we are very proud of our group classes. These guys practice a little every day and their dogs listen well. They come to group class and their dogs become more social. Dogs that practice obedience on a regular basis are not the dogs making bad choices and getting into trouble.

This is a little fun game that we play sometimes in our advanced group class. You see some dogs on leash and others off the leash. All paying close attention to their senior pack mates. Some of these dogs are shy, some have bitten people and/or dogs in the past. Now they are friendly and self controlled at their best, and indifferent at their worse around new dogs. Most of them are AKC & CGC. With some work we can make changes in our dogs behavior.

P.S. No More Michael Jackson in musical chairs. To hard not to dance with this guys music playing.

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Puppy Meet Up and Socialization Class

This video is a small clip from Argos Dog Training’s Puppy Meet Up and Socialization class. This puppy class is focused on puppy socialization more than puppy obedience training. Between eight weeks (when most puppies go home) and 16 weeks (when puppies enter their adolescence) there are some important things that we should accomplish with our puppy.

First is house training. More dogs end up in shelters for this reason than any other issue. During class you will be able to talk with a professional dog trainer to help you solve any house training problems quickly. We also need to teach most puppies not to play bite, or not to bite on the leash. Other important lessons to teach a puppy are that they need to be social around food and toys, accept touch from professionals like a veterinarian or groomer, and accept touch from children and other strangers. We want to start to socialize our dogs to objects that they will see in every day life. Things like vacuum cleaners, wheel chairs and baby strollers which some dogs could grow to fear or hate. Getting to know how our puppies will see new things so we can be ready to help the fearful puppies without coddling them or slow down the high energy puppies without making them more excited is something down owners need to learn. This is also an opportunity to learn more about caring for your dog: how to clip nails, brush teeth, check a pulse, and how to be ready for an emergency situation. Finally your puppy will be able to play with other puppies and a few well behaved adult dogs so that you can see healthy puppy play behavior. If your puppy is social, your puppy will have a greater chance at happiness.

Enjoy the puppy play video. And as always Enjoy Your Dog!!! For more information about our puppy meet up class feel free to give us a call at 617-778-8987.


Basic Obedience Training

I am very glad to show this video of Isabella and Valentina. Isabella is one of my youngest clients. She has a very high energy, adolescent Dalmatian. As you see in this video Isabella is a responsible young person that practices communicating with her dog. Off camera there are two dogs in the room, laying on their mats.

Isabella can walk her dog with out being pulled even around other dogs, people, and other distractions. In this clip you see Isabella practicing her basic obedience. Isabella loves her dog, they are good friends. I am glad to see the way that they have progressed. Canine human communication can be tricky and I am look forward to seeing how far they can go.

Hope you liked the clip! Thank you, and Enjoy Your Dog!!!


Advanced Group Class Dog Training

This is a short clip of the Tuesday Night Advanced group class. We are having a great time and working on the “come” command around distractions. We see that all types of dog can learn to respond to their owners off leash and around distractions. The key is consistency and practice. Come, join in, and Enjoy Your Dog even when it is time to leave the dog park.


Dog Group Play

When I go to the dog park I often see people become anxious because some of the dogs are playing rough. It can be difficult to tell if a dog is playing and happy or if a dog is trying to end the game, or if the situation is getting out of control. When dog play look for bouncy actions, and many play bows, listen for short barks and play growls. This video is cool because it show four dogs playing in groups of two. Two dog are playing with an object and two dogs are wrestling. Please call if you think that your dog’s play behavior is not normal, there are things that we can do. Enjoy Your Dog!!!

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