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My Apprentice Dog Trainer

I am happy and proud to announce that I have selected an apprentice dog trainer. There were a lot of applicants. This applicant separated herself with her determination, her abilities as a dog trainer, and her willingness to learn. I am looking forward to working with this talented young person, helping her to be a better dog trainer as she helps me to do the same. Heather Travis we welcome you to the Argos Pet Care Specialist family. Let’s get’ em girl!


Advanced Group Training Dog Class Video

This is a very short video of our advanced group training class. This class is for people and dogs that have started walking their dogs off leash. In this video we are playing “red light, green light” to work on our dogs healing at a slow speed, sitting when we stop, and staying in a sit with the distraction of people moving. Everything can be practiced, everything should be practiced because practice makes perfect. Have fun, Enjoy Your Dog!!!



Practicing with my Dog D-Dee

This is a video of D-Dee and I practicing heel. D-Dee knows how to heel pretty well but if we do not practice we will get rusty. In this video we are just working on heel, changing pace and direction. She is good going forward and okay with the backward. When she warms up she does a little better.


Steve and His dog Alfie Off-Leash

Here is a video of Steve and his dog Alfie off-leash. Steve and Alfie came a long way. Steve originally needed help because Alfie was hard to handle are new people inside and outside. They did private sessions, then group sessions then 2 more private sessions and now they are in the advanced group class. Private sessions helped Steve to learn and teach Alfie the common language that we use, and the group classes helped Alfie concentrate around distractions. By the way, the short one is Alfie. Great job you guys!


Dog Training 5 Month Old Golden Retriever

This short clip features Neo, a 5 and a half month old golden retriever. He did four days of a board and train program. In this clip we are practicing heel, sit and down. I get silly at the end but if that is what I need to do to keep a young dog interested and listening as he learns, so be it!

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