The first is the free phone evaluation.  The phone evaluation is our first chance to listen to you talk about your dog. We will be able to get an idea of your situation and discuss the best time and place to meet.

The second is the in-person consultation. This is our chance to meet and discuss the situation. During this consultation, you will talk about your dog’s current overall behavior, your dog’s daily schedule, medical situation, problem behaviors, and goals that you have for your dog. We will discuss different options to permanently resolve any problematic behaviors and help you achieve your goals. We will discuss cancelation policies and other important information during the call.

In-Person Consultation – $100-$150

  • $100 Tuesday – Friday 2pm-4pm
  • $150 Tuesday – Friday 5pm-8pm or Saturday 2:30pm or 3:30pm

The third step is for us to work together to select the option that is right for you and your dog.