Argos Dog Training provides its full service training classes to all residents of Hingham, Massachusetts. Hingham, Massachusetts is a town located only around 15 miles south of Boston and has a population of around 20 thousand residents. Hingham is a truly beautiful town within Suffolk County. It holds rich history and allows residents a quick commute into the city while also having a suburban feel. Buying a new dog can be an exciting event for any family, but it surely comes with its responsibilities. From walking, to feeding and training your dog it may take more time until your dog is the perfect companion. In Hingham, there are neighborhoods with spaced out homes in developed neighborhoods along with tight nit homes along main streets. In both instances, a miss behaved dog create families and owners stress. Running away or miss treating strangers can be embarrassing and scary.

Argos Dog Training is a Boston based dog trainer providing a range of new classes and training programs. For those Hingham residents that don’t have the time to get into our main location, dog trainer Martin Wright and the team offers in home private training. Along with the private residential training, Argos Dog Training provides:

If you or anyone you know in or around Hingham are having any dog problems please feel free to give us a call at 617-778-8987 or fill out a contact form.

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Argos Dog Training
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by Krissy Trutor on Argos Dog Training

I rescued a border collie pointer mix and she was a stray so she had some issues to work on. She had a lot of leash aggression and always jumped and pulled on the leash when she saw other dogs. After training with Martin she made a complete 180. His techniques are easy to follow and any one can learn them.

*Please note that you must put aside 15 minutes each day to train and practice with your dog the techniques you learned in class.
I would recommend Argos to anyone because even if your dog is well behaved it’s a lot of fun for the both of you!

Krissy Trutor

by Judy on Argos Dog Training

Martin has been training my 2-year-old Airedale Terrier, Maggie for the last 6 months.  Having had an Airedale many years ago, I know how stubborn, smart and energetic they are.  His working with Maggie has turned her into a wonderful walking companion and friend. I recommend Martin to anyone looking for a first rate dog trainer.

by Amy Earnest on Argos Dog Training

Hey Martin….Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that the girls and I took the babies to the dog park today.  THEY LOVED IT!!!!  I cannot believe I was so afraid to go with them before.  You sending me the videos really helped me feel strong enough to take them.  As I write this email, they are resting peacefully in their “rooms” after their great run in the park.

Can’t thank you enough for teaching me how to be a great leader for my dogs.  It was so enjoyable at the park today.  I can’t wait to take them again tonight.

You’re the best!