Five  Star Dogs!!!

This program is for any client that wants to work directly with the Argos Dog Training team in person to improve your relationship with and train your Dog. This Program is for dog enthusiast, for committed people that want a great life with their dogs. This program covers 6 about months of training.  We will improve your ability to communication with dogs, the ins and outs of basic and advanced obedience training (on leash and off leash) maintaining a low stress level, Structure in the pet dog relationship, healthy off leash socialization, and everything else you will need to know to help your dog be the best friend he or she can be.

Features: Loose leash walking, sit on command, down on command, heel with auto sit, come on command, and place command on and off leash, reducing stress, relationship management, solving unwanted behavioral issues and creating good habits. 10 private sessions, 12 group classes (Basic group classes are held Saturdays 10:30am-11:30AM, Advanced group classes are held Tuesday at 7pm-8pm).

Extras Included: Training equipment, unlimited email/phone support, weekly homework logs, lesson plans with detailed notes on each exercise and command, access to our private online group with videos of each exercise and command as well as tips, blogs and more.

Price $2,300,
$105 each class

Payment Plan available

For more information or to inquire about this training program, please fill out a contact form or give us a call at 617-778-8987.