Pilot Program

Benefits: You will have a well-trained, well-balanced, well-socialized dog. This program is designed to help many families with many different dog behavior and training challenges. Your dog will spend 3 days a week for 6 weeks at the Argos Structured Daycare. We will calmly and patiently teach your dog to walk on a leash without pulling, to stay on a mat until released, to sit and lay down the first time that asked, to heel and automatically sit. Your dog will also learn to calmly socialize with other dogs. Then once we have taught your dog a language we will teach you the same language to fluency. We will dedicate an hour of training time, plus personal playtime everyday of Structured Day Care.

Features: 3 day a week of Argos Structured Daycare for 6 weeks. 6 group classes (Held Wednesday nights, 7pm-8pm) at Boston Red Dog, 5 Safety Commands on-leash. It may take more than 6 group classes to achieve all these for owner and dog to reach fluency. Success is dependent on our clients, the communication skills, relationship building skills that we teach will work they are practiced.

Extras Include: Training collar and leash, unlimited email/phone support, lesson plans with detailed notes on each exercise and command, access to our private online group with videos of each exercise and command as well as tips, blogs and more.

Price: $2,100
$106.67 per day Argos Structured Daycare and Training,
$30 per class for 6 Group Classes

Payment Plan is available