Private, One-on-One Training Programs

All private programs include these training tools at no additional cost: Training collar and leash, unlimited email/phone support, weekly homework logs, lesson plans with detailed notes on each exercise and command, access to our private online group with videos of each exercise and command, as well as tips, blogs and more.

Basic Communications 101 and 102

Working together on obedience increases communication and deepens your relationship with your dog. These training options are designed to teach your dog the basic safety commands on-leash, and how to walk with a loose leash even around distractions. We’ll work on how to effectively communicate with your dog, reinforcing behaviors you like and stopping behaviors you don’t like. You’ll learn to get and keep your dog’s attention, about rewarding and motivating, reading body language and how to respond to your dog with clarity.

BC 101. Quick Start: 3 private sessions at Boston Red Dog, 3 concepts; loose leash walking, sit with implied stay, place command $625
BC 102. Go Deeper: 6 private sessions at Boston Red Dog, includes the 5 Safety Commands and variations; heel, sit, down, come, place.  $925

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