Every dog knows how to sit. Most dogs understand what you want when you ask them to come. So the question is why doesn’t your dog do what you ask when you ask them to? We believe the reason is your relationship with your dog. 

This class is focused on relationship-based behavior modification. Like all of our programs, the value is found in the information and experience that you receive. This course will teach you more about dog psychology, how to make yourself more interesting to your dog so that distractions are not as big a factor in your dog’s behavior, and about fun things to do with your dog to burn energy by activating your dog’s mind. You are a dog person. We know this because you added a dog to your family. All dog people want to learn all they can about dogs. 

If your dog has low motivation, is too hyper, or has poor manners, this is the class for you. 

This class is not for aggressive dogs.  

Pre-requisite: Basic obedience with Argos staff.

Price: $375 for 4 classes, with rolling admission (no set start date). Classes are held Tuesdays at 7 PM. 

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