Structured Daycare

Argos Dog Training is providing Structured Dog Daycare. The idea of structured day care is not a new one. Many of my professional dog trainer friends have provided this service for years. Each dog training company that provides this service does it in a unique way and Argos Dog Training is no different.

What is Structured Day Care?

Structured Dog Daycare is a more controlled day care. It is not a free-for-all play session that lasts all day. We monitor the behavior of the dogs closely to stop behaviors that lead to bad habits and teach behaviors that lead to good habits. We ensure that the dogs know that there are rules, that they know what the rules are, and that they know that we will enforce the rules.

The rules are as follows:

  • First, keep the dogs in our care safely.
  • Second, we will focus on structure – establishing and following the routines to instill discipline and safe play.
  • Third, we focus on fun. Your dogs’ know that they can have fun because we keep them safe. That allows even the shyest, most fearful, and most insecure dogs to feel safe and to overcome their shyness.

Why is Argos Dog Training providing a Structured Day Care?

Argos Dog Training provides a structured day care program for many reasons. When I speak to my clients in our pre training consultations, I ask a lot of questions and I listen closely. One question I ask is “What do you imagine you would do with your dog before you adopted?” Around 80% of people say companionship. Another 60% say that they want a dog that they can bring anywhere – hiking, the patio at the neighborhood, etc. And, about 20% say they got a dog to just cuddle with on the couch. Later, in that same consultation, I ask, “What do you do with your dogs for fun?” Nearly 95% of people say they bring their dog to the dog park for fun. (This includes many of the cuddlers.) As we talk I always learn that most of the problems that people have happen around distraction (in the dog park) or when their dog is excited or in a state of anxiety (also in the dog park).

We provide this program to address all of those needs and desires within our community. This program helps our clients to recall their dogs out of play, and other excited or stimulating situations.

We know dog parks are not safe. As dog trainer we see the mental and physical injuries that dogs suffer from having bad experiences at the dog park. These poor experiences are caused by inefficient human understanding, and poor human canine communication skills. Being city dwellers we need spaces to allow our dogs to run safely off leash.

This Structured Daycare is the Argos Dog Training community’s first big step in making dog parks safe, and by doing so making them useful to the residents of Boston. This program gives us the opportunity to work on those more difficult skills, in a safe and controlled environment. We practice off leash obedience, including recall out of play, and impulse control.

How many slots do we have in the program?

40 dogs is the maximum allowed at our structured daycare on any given day. We allow dogs to attend our day care no more than 3 days in any given week. We do not do half days.

How many dog handlers will there be on the floor?

We have 1 human handler/trainer for every ten dogs on the daycare floor.

Thank you and Enjoy Your Dog!!!

Customer Testimonials:

I recommend Martin to Anyone

Martin has been training my 2-year-old Airedale Terrier, Maggie for the last 6 months. Having had an Airedale many years ago, I know how stubborn, smart and energetic they are. His working with Maggie has turned her into a wonderful walking companion and friend. I recommend Martin to anyone looking for a first rate dog trainer.

Judy Gordon

Can’t thank you enough

Hey Martin….Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that the girls and I took the babies to the dog park today. THEY LOVED IT!!!! I cannot believe I was so afraid to go with them before. You sending me the videos really helped me feel strong enough to take them. As I write this email, they are resting peacefully in their “rooms” after their great run in the park.

Can’t thank you enough for teaching me how to be a great leader for my dogs. It was so enjoyable at the park today. I can’t wait to take them again tonight.

You’re the best!

Amy Earnest

I have noticed a HUGE difference

This has been my first experience with a dog trainer and I have been nothing but pleased! I have a 1 year old American Bulldog who when I had brought her to Argos was stubborn, didn’t listen to me, and made me feel as if I had no control at all. Martin and Heather knew exactly how to help me right away and understood my goals for my pup. They are both exceptional individuals with an amazing amount of patience and really care about the long term relationship that you will have with your dog. Since bringing my dog I have noticed a HUGE difference in her behavior and am extremely pleased with the way things are going. I would absolutely recommend Argos to everyone that needs help training their dog, you surely won’t regret it!

Katryna Lovell