Structured Daycare

Benefits: The Argos Structured Daycare is similar to the regular unstructured daycares around Boston with a few key differences. In our structured daycare, we encourage good and wanted behaviors and discourage unwanted behavior. Our dogs spend a lot of time in daycare. We want to be sure that they have fun. We also want to make certain that your dogs are safe. To ensure safety we:

  1. Try to keep the ratio in the daycare room close to 1 human handler for every 10 dogs.
  2. Teach our dog handlers to understand dog behavior and train dogs in obedience.
  3. We teach our handlers to identify and stop behavior that can lead to other unwanted behaviors.
  4. Have your dog engage in various exercises throughout the day so that your dog learns to listen to humans.

Because of these practices, we are able to accept dogs that have had problems in other unstructured daycares.  By socializing your dog so that he or she is able to accept the presence of other dogs, he or she can learn how to enjoy the presence of other dogs in a manageable way. We keep our staff engaged and give them the ability to learn more about dogs and apply that knowledge leading to a low turnover rate. That lowered turnover rate allows you and your dog to benefit from the experience and knowledge that our staff gains over time.

Price: $50 per day