10 Day Board and Train Program

This on-leash program is designed to establish and enhance effective dog/owner communication. During this program your dog will stay at The Boston Red Dog Pet Resort and Spa for 10 full days of training. Your dog will be taught heel with automatic sit, sit and down at your side, sit and down in motion, sit and down from the front, stay (2 min.), and come. Your dog will be taught to respond to both verbal commands and hand signals.

This program includes one private follow-up lesson, which will focus on teaching you the proper leash handling techniques and the correct use of each command. The emphasis of these lessons will be on diversifying and generalizing your dog’s commands, working around distractions, and giving advice on handling unwanted behaviors. Your first private follow-up lesson must take place on the final day of training before your dog is returned to you. This lesson is included in the price. Upon completion of your private follow-up lessons you may participate in group classes. Group classes are highly recommended and will focus on exercises with heavy emphasis on real world distractions and situations with both other dogs and other people. It is through the group classes that you will gain fluency and ease in the language that your dog learns. The cost of group classes are not included in the price below.

Features: 10 days of training at trainer’s home, 10 days of boarding at trainer’s home, and 1 private sessions at Boston Red Dog. Your dog will learn the 5 most important safety commands.

Extras Include: Training collar and leash, unlimited email/phone support, lesson plans with detailed notes on each exercise and command, access to our private online group with videos of each exercise and command as well as tips, blogs and more.

Price $2,100
$210 per day

$210 Deposit when we schedule the Board and Train Program
$1,130 Due at Drop Off
$760 Due at Pick Up
$300 for 6 Group Classes Not included but strongly recommended

Payment Plan Available