If you’re an animal lover, you shouldn’t have to choose between having a dog or a cat. The two can certainly coexist, but it’s all about making sure both pets are comfortable and safe with one another. It can be a challenge to teach your dog and cat to get along. Use these training tips to help manage your dog’s behavior around your cat to keep both pets safe and happy in the home!

Go Slow

It would be great if your dog and cat loved each other right away, but unfortunately, this usually is not the case. Whether you already have a cat and you’re introducing a dog or the other way around, be prepared to take things slow. The more your pets are around one another the more desensitized they will become and getting along will come more naturally. Let them move at their own pace and encourage positive interactions whenever they happen.

Encourage Smelling

Swapping smells is one of the ways that pets feel one another out and determine if they’re comfortable or not. Dogs especially like to smell new animals and people they encounter so they’re familiar with them after a sniff at the next interaction. If your pets aren’t ready to actually smell each other, you can try letting your dog sniff one of the cat’s toys to get familiar with the scent and vice versa.

Give Each Pet Their Own Space

Pets need their own space away from other animals in the home. Give your cat his own space with a bed and toys and do the same for your dog. Space these areas out as much as you can so that when one animal wants to be away from the other, they can do it easily. Explain to your dog that the cat’s space is not their space. If they try to invade the cat’s space, redirect them to their own space. Each animal should have separate food and water bowls that are a good distance apart too.

Hire a Professional

If your pets are really struggling to get along, hiring a professional is a great option! Dog trainers can help you learn how to give commands and take control over your dog using positive reinforcement. Once your dog’s overall behavior is under control, the cat will be more likely to feel safe and comfortable around the dog.

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